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Red Bull TV

Red Bull TV

Red Bull TV is a digital-first TV channel available on a huge range of devices. Together with a team ranging between 1 to 12 people, we designed, prototyped, tested, and helped launch Red Bull TV globally on 15 different platforms.

I worked on Red Bull TV for a little over two years - contributing to the entire design process, from initial research and discovery, all the way through to execution and shipping.


My first set of responsibilities was to help coordinate, facilitate and document user testing sessions, which were run biweekly along with the design sprints. Throughout the project these sessions were key in providing proof of concept, and it was interesting to see the testing process evolve once the product had been launched.


One key business requirement from Red Bull was that the experience remain coherent no matter which device the viewer was watching from - be it mobile, tablet, web, smart tv or video games console. Our strategy was to create a UX/UI “Playbook”.


This was essentially a product unto itself, the primary users being the teams of developers working on building the app on each of the available platforms.

As well as documenting UI elements, typography and color palettes, the playbook included a wealth of information for other relevant parties – character count guides for copywriters, explainers for senior management, rules around triggering notifications for the programming team.


The sheer size of the project meant I had the opportunity to take ownership of the whole design process of specific parts of the platform. This typically involved doing research and competitive analysis, followed by iterative design and prototyping, and lastly documenting the outcomes in the RBTV Playbook.

The project is available on the web, and a complete list of all the apps we made can be seen here. RBTV won Best TV Experience at the Google Play Awards in 2017, and continues to be used by millions of viewers year round.

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